Traveller Stories Louise’s life in Seoul

Hi! My name is Louise and I’m a student in Seoul.

As a Korean Studies major, it should be no surprise that I had the opportunity to spend a semester at a Korean university – but that I’d return and do it all again? Nobody saw that coming! Not even me!

My interest in Korea started 10 years ago, much to the confusion of those around me. “Why are you so interested in a strange country across the globe? Why go there? What even IS Korea?” they asked. (Okay the last one is slightly exaggerated but my point stands).

I’m here to tell you exactly all that! Through my posts, I want to share with you stories from my life in Seoul, the pulsating heart of South Korea, my experiences as a foreign student at one of the top universities in Korea, ideas on where to go and what to do, thoughts on living here long term, and other cool things I find.

Hopefully these stories will convey my love for Korea and why I believe this to be a place you should absolutely check out.

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