Traveller Stories Emma’s life in Busan

Hello! My name is Emma and I’m currently living in Busan, South Korea.

I moved here as an exchange student at Pusan National University 2 months ago after falling in love with the city.

My love for Busan began during summer last year. As a Korean major of the University of Central Lancashire in England I was given the opportunity to attend my choice of summer school program in South Korea. At the time, I was fascinated by Busan so naturally I chose PNU! From there, the decision to spend the next year of my studies in Busan was already made.

During my time at university I have been involved with different aspects of Korean culture but my passion lies in promotion. Whether it be tourism or entertainment, I love giving people an insight into life in South Korea and what the country has to offer!

I believe that Busan is often overlooked when discussing South Korea and I can never understand why. It is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and I hope that through these series of blogs, I can show you why I fell in love with this city!

[Emma’s story] Busan Tower/Yongdusan Park and Nampo-Dong!

Busan Tower/Yongdusan Park and Nampo-Dong! Whilst spending the day exploring an area of Busan we hadn’t been to before (Nampo-Dong) we found the amazing Yongdusan Park and the Busan Tower! At 120m, the Busan Tower is by far the best view of the city you will get without hiking the city’s surrounding mountains. [photo 1] The part itself is located Continue Reading . . .

[Emma’s story] Busan’s most famous beach, Haeundae

Haeundae Beach! Last week my friends and I decided to explore Haeundae Beach! As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Busan, there’s a lot to do in the area! We spent the whole day there and still weren’t able to fully experience everything Haeundae has to offer.   First we started our day by attending one of the Continue Reading . . .

[Emma’s Story] Christmas lights in Nampo!

Every year there is a Christmas festival held in Nampo! It’s the perfect cure for homesickness at this time of the year. The atmosphere was brilliant and will definitely end your holiday blues. We first arrived early to ensure we had a good spot next to the tree. There were various performances by groups of children from surrounding schools and Continue Reading . . .

[Emma’s Story] Gamcheon Culture Village

  Today my friends and I took a trip to Gamcheon Culture Village! It’s a must see for anyone travelling Busan and it’s filled with great photo opportunities along with some cute cafes and souvenir shops! Gamchoen can be pretty difficult to find so I’ll explain the best way we found to get there. First you’re going to want to Continue Reading . . .