Travel News: Press Releases Teach English in Korea with ‘EPIK & TALK’ teaching programmes

Teach English in Korea with ‘EPIK & TALK’ teaching programmes

Why not launch your professional teaching career through EPIK! EPIK is a full-time teaching position available in metropolitan and provincial locations, from primary through secondary schools nationwide. Established in 1995 as part of the Ministry of Education’s initiative to enhance the national English education curriculum, EPIK is a rewarding experience for those pursuing a future in teaching English as a foreign language. To take part in this EPIK experience go to

The Talk programme is a service-learning scholarship programme for undergraduates who are seeking to expand their multi-cultural experiences and are passionate about positively influencing young Korean learners whilst having ample time to explore personal interests and more opportunities to travel around Korea through TALK.

To ‘start living, start talking’ please find more information at

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