Travel News: Press Releases “Taekwondowon” – Not Just a Park but the Global Home of Taekwondo

“Taekwondowon” – Not Just a Park but the Global Home of Taekwondo


On the 24th April 2014, “Taekwondowon” will officially open and welcome the world Taekwondo community and sports lovers from around the world to a facility that is being positioned as a modern world heritage.

We are delighted to be able to invite a small delegation of GB Taekwondo VIPs to the opening ceremony, one of whom is Master Adrian Tranter, the current President who steered British Taekwondo through the Olympic Games, European Championships and more recently the WTF Grand Prix. Adrian commented “I am excited at the prospect of being a part of the historic opening day ceremony. The concept of ‘Taekwondowon’ will deliver a focal point for all the taekwondo family worldwide, especially for our younger participants. To embrace the philosophy of our art in such a wonderful environment will bring joy to everyone who visits, especially as the surrounding area provides such an inspirational setting”.

“Taekwondowon” is………..2,314,000 m sq, ten times bigger than Seoul World Cup Stadium, ½ the area of Seoul’s Yeouido Island, two times the size of an 18-hole golf course and 70% the size of Central Park in New York. (To view the facility go to ).

The park will be the global and spiritual home of the sport and will be a centre for education, training and research related to the world of Taekwondo. Sports people will be able to interact with a BODY, MIND & SPIRIT zones with different sections of the park cleverly designed to snake its way up a hillside toward to an ‘Observatory’ shaped like a piece of Korean pottery at the summit.

Claridon Sports Tours have created a product for groups and individuals to visit, train and enjoy Taekwondowon and is courting a lot of interest from the sporting world, Ben Woolnough, Product Manager for Claridon said:

I have visited the magnificent Taekwondowon Park in Korea and anyone who loves this great sport will revel in the whole experience while visiting this fantastic country. We are delighted to offer the chance for Taekwondo competitors and athletes of all levels to experience all the sport has to offer in its spiritual home in Korea. We have full training and cultural packages available and look forward to seeing future champions develop in this amazing facility”

Taekwondowon welcomes the world of sport to a very unique facility!


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