Travel News: Press Releases Leading Minds Gather In Daegu for International Meeting on Information Display

Leading Minds Gather In Daegu for International Meeting on Information Display

Growing stronger every year, the 14th International Meeting on Information Display(IMID 2014) celebrated record-breaking attendance at this year’s international display conference in Daegu, South Korea, August 27 to 29.

Widely considered the premiere education and network channel for industry officials, IMID 2014 attracted more than 1,800 participants from 25 countries.

IMID is one of the world’s top three display industry conferences, also including Display Week in America and International Display Workshops in Japan. It is to spur on exchanges of up-to date display technologies, offer opportunities to keep abreast of research trends and serve as a rallying point for rising scholars and researchers from around the world.

The convention kicked off with a keynote address from Samsung Display CEO, Dong-gun Park. High profile attendees also included Senior Researcher Adrian Travis at Microsoft and Dr. Martin Schadt from Switzerland-based MS High-Tech Consulting.

South Korea dominates the global display industry, bringing attention to the country’s academic circles, many of which are based in and around Daegu. This specialized cluster makes the city a hub for research and development.

Both Samsung Display and LG Display have major facilities near Daegu. The city is also home to Gumi National Industrial Complex, Kyungbuk National University Display Nanomaterials Institute, Display Technology Education Center, and Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology.

Right now, Samsung and LG are heading the pack in the global display industry. Maintaining a competitive edge demands continuous innovation, so the companies are investing in education to nurture upcoming talent.  At IMID 2014, the Young Scientist Forum gave students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of industry-wide academic trends.

This year, IMID is the sole conference of its kind in which the number of thesis has steadily increased. Roughly 600 papers were presented, and it was a record-breaking year for the number of thesis presented. Participants also had the opportunity to sit in on special sessions on the Curved OLED TV, Oxide TFT and LTPS TFT.

Moreover, IMID 2014 was joined by the LED and Display Expo 2014 and the IT Convergence Expo Korea 2014, which took place at the same time. The expos showcased the latest in display technology, including curved display, foldable tablets, flexible display and transparent display.

Many innovations crossed industry lines, including devices that could “communicate” with each other. These included a door lock that would alert its owner if he or she tried to leave home without turning off the gas stove or coffee maker and a watch capable of storing its owner’s health data.

Since 2001, the Daegu Metropolitan City Government has played a supporting role in the growth of IMID. Recognizing information display technology as a key regional industry, the city has worked closely with the private sector to ensure the event’s success.

The Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau has worked with IMID’s organizers to provide budgetary support, consultation and marketing assistance. Promotional efforts have contributed to the increase in attendance.

Acting as a liaison, DCVB has facilitated relationships among IMID organizers, industry officials and local policy makers. This role includes developing programs related to IMID, such as related exhibitions that spark synergy across industry lines.

In addition to offering local innovators access to the newest trends in display, IMID strengthens the industry-university-institute infrastructure in and around Daegu. Students have the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the display industry while local experts can share their knowledge, experience and research outcomes with an international audience. The related expos also gave exposure to local companies that participated.

Daegu’s proximity to these centers of innovation make the city a stronghold for information display, but local collaboration has helped empower the local display industry.

IMID offers participants access to the latest academic advances and research trends, fueling technological advancement. By continuing its support of IMID, the Daegu Metropolitan City Government is investing not only in the current success of local industry, but in the next generation of innovators.

With all this success, IMID 2015 will be held at the same venue from August 18 to 21 next year.

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