Travel News: Press Releases Korea Tourism Organization London supporting educational tourism to Korea

Korea Tourism Organization London supporting educational tourism to Korea

On Friday 20th October, 37 students from Cranford Community College in Hounslow will travel to Korea for a week-long cultural trip, with information and planning assistance provided by the London branch of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

The year 13 students and their teachers will first fly to Seoul, where they will visit major tourist attractions and experience a tour of the DMZ. KTO has also arranged for them to attend NANTA, Korea’s most prominent non-verbal performance, in the capital. The group will then travel to Pohang in the south east of Korea to visit their partner high school and enjoy a home stay with Korean students and their families.

While common for school groups from the UK to visit nearby European countries, it is rare for a school to choose a long-haul destination such as Korea. Since 2017, KTO London and the state-run Korea Institute of Education have been promoting Korea to 14 schools across the UK, and KTO attracted Cranford College to the country through a special presentation at the school.

KTO London intends to increase its promotion of educational trips by reaching out to schools in the UK that have Korean sister schools or offer Korean language classes. Additionally, it will continue to strengthen efforts in the school travel market by inviting key decision makers from the UK and northern Europe on a familiarisation tour to Korea next year.

Since the start of 2018, KTO has supported around 300 students and members of school travel groups from seven countries including the UK, US and Australia with visits to Korea. Globally, KTO plans to increase its promotion of Korean tourism to teenagers and young people and, in doing so, also increase the demand for educational trips to Korea.

Image from The Korea Herald

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