Travel News: Press Releases Korea Tourism Organization premieres webtoon showcasing travel to Korea

Korea Tourism Organization premieres webtoon showcasing travel to Korea

The London office of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a new webtoon, entitled Imagine Your Korea, to bring audiences fresh insight into travel to Korea in a fun and accessible way.

Designed to introduce the wide range of experiences on offer for travellers of all ages in Korea, the webtoon follows four different groups of tourists as they explore the country for the first time. Characters include a gap year student in her early 20s looking to experience a new language and culture; a businessman who knows nothing about Korea, in the country for work; a food-loving family with two teenage children, including a daughter who loves K-Pop and K-Dramas; and a retired couple interested in history and culture, looking to enjoy a more leisurely holiday.

The webtoon is written and illustrated by famous cartoonist and illustrator W.J., better known by her nickname ‘Penguin’. Originally from Korea, she now lives in the UK, and her wildly popular webtoon Penguin Loves Mev explored the relationship and cultural differences between herself and her British husband.

Though a light-hearted portrayal of travel to Korea, the aim of Imagine Your Korea is to inspire and inform, and KTO hopes readers will find the contents of the webtoon as useful as they are entertaining. Each episode includes nationwide destinations and itinerary recommendations, as well as a broad range of activities, cultural experiences, and general travel tips.

The prologue episode of the webtoon is available to read here, with new updates to be posted bi-weekly.

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