Travel News: Press Releases Korea Tourism Organization launches international marketing campaign starring K-Pop supergroup EXO

Korea Tourism Organization launches international marketing campaign starring K-Pop supergroup EXO

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) have produced 21 new videos designed to promote Korea to a wide range of international tourists. The marketing campaign introduces the country’s unique experiences from the perspective of foreigners by posing viewers with the question, ‘Korea asks you, have you ever…?’

Focusing on digital media and keeping in line with trends of global tourism and of individual travellers in Korea, the adverts were created with diverse experiences and broad audiences in mind. Eight members of EXO, one of the world’s biggest K-Pop groups and the 2018 honorary ambassadors for Korean tourism, introduce various experiences that can be enjoyed in Korea through six themes: history and tradition, Korean daily life, adventure, trend, healing, and Hallyu (Korean Wave).

In addition to high-profile ‘peace tourism’ experiences on the Korean peninsula including visits to the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) and Imjingak Resort, the campaign also features everyday and arts-related experiences such as night markets, spas, museums, concerts, and more. Additionally, various local tourist attractions like Boryeong Mud Festival, Suncheonman Bay mudflats, the Tongyeong Luge Experience, and Jeju’s famous haenyeo (female divers) are also introduced.

KTO explained the aims of the campaign: ‘Recently, the Korean Wave has spread from K-Pop and K-Dramas to other cultural aspects and everyday life in Korea. Through K-Pop stars EXO, these ads will capture the eyes of consumers around the world with Korean daily life and cultural experiences. By using digital media, we will promote Korea’s charms that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world and take the lead in attracting individual tourists.’

The new campaign began on the 6th of August with the release of the first teaser advert, and will continue until the end of the year via television and various digital channels including Youtube and Facebook. All videos can be viewed at the official KTO Youtube channel (

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