Travel News: Press Releases IT C&M 2014 at the Shanghai SWECC

IT C&M 2014 at the Shanghai SWECC


TIT C&M 2014 was held from April 15 – 17 at the Shanghai World Expo Convention Center with over 332 companies taking a part in the Expo. The Korea Tourism Organization jointly participated with 17 other agencies.


The Korea Advertisement booth was tastefully decorated with spring flowers and images from the recent tv hit series, “My Love From The Star” which gained overwhelming popularity throughout Asia.


The two characters, Chorongee and Saekdongee acted as the mascots for the KTO and attracted many buyers where they stopped by see what merits Korea had as a business travel destination. The Korea PR booth received the most attention during the expo with the two mascots and by hosting events to have people get pictures taken while wearing Korean traditional outfits.
Date : 2014.4.15-17
Venue : Shanghai SWECC
PR Booth : Amalgated images of Korean font and images inspired by Hallyu the “Korean Wave”
Event : Trying on Korean Traditional Outfit & taking pictures, Welcome event by Chorongee & Saekdongee


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