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Visit Korea : Official Guide

watch "VisitKorea is a smart phone app created by the Korea Tourism Organization and provides users with useful and timely travel and tourism information about Korea. The brand new VisitKorea is equipped with new functions, a more user-friendly interface, and much more useful information. This newly designed app makes traveling Korea more convenient and offers you the opportunity to experience Korea more in-depth!

source url If you are planning to visit Korea and you would like to know more about Korean travel, history and culture, then VisitKorea is here for you!"

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Korea Travel Books

follow link Korea Travel Books is an e-book application launched by the Korea Tourism Organization that provides various tourist publications by KTO including tourist maps, travel guidebooks, unique accommodations, transportation, themed and special interest tours, and other publications on about Korea and its culture. It also contains books and material published by regional governments and the KOCIS (Korea Culture and Information Services). If you are planning a trip to Korea, or if you’re actually in Korea right now, Korea Travel Books can help you make your trip more productive and more fun.

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BENIKEA - Hotel Reservation BENIKEA, which is short for “The Best Night in Korea”, is a business hotel chain managed by the Korea Tourism Organization. Travelers from in and out of Korea can enjoy high-quality facilities and impeccable service at a reasonable price. You can check out BENIKEA chain hotels all over Korea by theme or region, read guest reviews, and make a reservation simply by filling in a form.

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