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Gimje Horizon Festival a key event for Korea

Celebrating its 17th anniversary this year, the Gimje Horizon Festival has been designated as one of Korea’s key festivals for a third consecutive year.Festivities take place around Byeokgolje Reservoir, Gimje from October 7 to 11, located in Jeollabuk-do at the heart of the Honam Plains.


The Gimje Horizon Festival is held each autumn and is both a celebration and opportunity for visitors to experience the agricultural heritage of the region that continues today. With some seventy programmes to enjoy covering seven different areas with the aim of allowing attendees to appreciate local culture in a tourism context and to blend nature with humanity by offering some truly wonderful activities, these include:


Under the theme of ‘unity’ there is the Byeokgolje Two-Dragon Torchlight Parade, Tug-of-war on the Standing Stone (ritual for a good harvest), and the Two-Dragon Game of Byeokgolje legend.


The ‘Challenge! Taegukgi (Korean national flag) Flying’ event in which 1,770 people will attempt to fly Taegukgi kites in the sky at the same time on Hangeul Day (October 9) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Korea’s Liberation.


Performance of Nongak, which embodies the spirit of the Korean people, that will be held to celebrate nongak’s designation as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and shed new light on the importance of Korea’s agricultural traditions and nongak; and ‘Let’s Play in Nature!


Byeogoeul Hwangto Village’ which aims to illuminate the significance of earth and agriculture in this UN-designated World Earth Year 2015. Furthermore, the festival includes a variety of experience and participatory programs such as the ‘Three Meals a Day: Cooking Rice in the Furnace’, Korea Makgeolli Festival, and ‘Oxcart Ride Amid Golden Rice Fields’ programs.


The ‘Gimje Horizon Night Play! program includes traditional Korean night games and events such as Flying Sky Lanterns, Fire-Can Play, Observation of the Constellations, while the ‘Two-Dragon Search & Go-Go Show’ program consists of a splendid fireworks display accompanied by great music, the Search Show, and 70s and 80s themed nightclubs.

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