Traveller Stories [Emma’s story] Busan Tower/Yongdusan Park and Nampo-Dong!

[Emma’s story] Busan Tower/Yongdusan Park and Nampo-Dong!

Busan Tower/Yongdusan Park and Nampo-Dong!

Whilst spending the day exploring an area of Busan we hadn’t been to before (Nampo-Dong) we found the amazing Yongdusan Park and the Busan Tower!

At 120m, the Busan Tower is by far the best view of the city you will get without hiking the city’s surrounding mountains.

[photo 1] The part itself is located 5 minutes from the main subway exit and is pretty easy to find! After the 15 minute escalator ride you will end up at the top of the mountain. Here you’ll already have a pretty good view of the city without even going up the tower! A beautiful place to hang out and enjoy the scenery.

The tower itself is 8,000W for adults and 6,000W for children but is totally worth the price! At the top you are immediately struck with one of the most beautiful views of Busan. The observatory platform is covered in ceiling to floor windows and shows a 360 view of the whole city!

Here you are able to get a great view of the ports surrounding the area and even see some other cultural sights like Gamcheon Culture Village. The staff at the tower are all super friendly and will even point out interesting things happening around the area.

On the same floor there is also a small gift shop with a postcard writing station! Yes, you can even send a postcard home from the top of Busan Tower!

After taking the elevator down to the bottom of the tower there is a series of rooms which are brilliant for taking photos with friends. They’re filled with optical illusions, projection rooms and glow in the dark art! Below is a picture of the recently installed “Busan Firework Room”

That’s not all Nampo-Dong has to offer! If you are afraid of heights or would rather explore the surrounding area by foot, close to the park is the Kakao Friends store! A 3 story floor filled with KakaoTalk character goods, but the best part is the APeach Café on the top floor. Reasonably priced and super cute!

If cute cafés aren’t your thing there’s always Gukje Market. Located 10 minutes from the bottom of the park’s entrance, this busy market is filled with everything your heart could desire! (Not to mention the amazing street food) Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area! We plan to explore the markets in Nampo-Dong more in the future.

*The posting was written on 1st November 2017


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Author: Emma

Hello! My name is Emma and I’m currently living in Busan, South Korea.

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