Travel News: Events & Competitions [CLOSED] PyeongChang 2018 D-50 Competition

[CLOSED] PyeongChang 2018 D-50 Competition

[PyeongChang 2018 D-50 Competition Winners]

A huge thanks to everyone who left a good luck message for PyeongChang 2018!
It made us all feel supported! 🙂

And congratulations to the winners! If your name is on the list below please send me an email ( with your name, address & phone number by Tuesday 2nd January 2018 so that we can send you the prize!

*The prize will be randomly sent out.  



PyeongChang 2018 D-50 Competition

Leave a good luck message for PyeongChang 2018  and win great PyeongChang merchandise!

30 randomly selected winners will win one of the prizes below!

Prizes: cotton bags, water bottles, candles, cuddly toys, lego, eye masks and badges

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 2. LEAVE a good luck message for PyeongChang 2018

The competition is held until Thursday, 21st December to mark D-50 to PyeongChang 2018!

<Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018>

  • Dates: OG 9 – 25 Feb. 2018 (17 days), PG 9 – 18 Mar. 2018 (10 days)
  • Location: (Snow sports) Pyeongchang Mountain Cluster (Ice sports) Gangneung Coastal Cluster
  • Competitions: (OG) 7 sports, 15 disciplines: Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Short Track, Curling, Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Nordic Combined, Figure Skating, Luge, Ice Hockey, Freestyle Skiing (PG) 6 sports, 6 disciplines: Alpine Skiing(Para-Snowboard), Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Wheelchair Curling, Ice Sledge Hockey

For more information :

[Bonus event]

If you spot the PyeongChang bus running in London, please make sure you take a picture so that you can share it with us via email : *hint: bus number 25-2?

The best photographer will win a DSLR CAMERA!

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