Traveller Stories Vanessa’s life in Seoul

Hello readers! My name is Vanessa, I am 26 years old and I recently moved to Seoul to study Korean.

Being born in a Swiss-Italian-Brazilian family I never thought I would be moving to Asia one day. It looked so far, so different and scary. But I love challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone. I love meeting new people and experience the differences in the world. So last year I decided to challenge myself and started studying Korean as an autodidact. Working and studying at the same time was not simple, but the more I learned about Korea and its culture the more I felt attracted to this country.

A month ago I finally convinced myself to buy a ticket to Seoul, book a room and fly to Asia for the first time in my life. I planned to stay only a month (What if I do not like it?), but it is needless to say that I postponed my return flight. Seoul is by far the most beautiful, unique and exciting city I ever been to.

I am happy to share this beautiful experience with you, so if you are curious about my school experience, my guesthouse adventure and my daily life in Seoul as a student, keep reading!

[Vanessa’s Story] Choosing the right accommodation in Seoul

Seoul offers many options for accommodation, but which is best? Students often choose between goshitels (one-room accommodation), guesthouses/hostels, or rooms in local families’ houses. Despite being cheaper, I decided to avoid goshitels: rooms are extremely small and you live in a building with many other people who can be very loud. I might try in the future, it is a good Continue Reading . . .

[Vanessa’s Story] Choosing a Korean Language Academy

I must admit, of all tasks I had to complete before coming to Seoul, choosing the right school was the most difficult one. The course offer in Seoul is huge! After careful research and with the help of my Korean friends, I finally opted for a small private school located in Apgujeong. Price, flexibility and the size of the school Continue Reading . . .