Travel News: Press Releases Actor Song Joong-ki from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ New face of Korean Tourism for 2016!

Actor Song Joong-ki from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ New face of Korean Tourism for 2016!

Actor Song Joong-ki from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ 

New face of Korean Tourism for 2016!

Captain Yoo Si-jin is officially the Korean Tourism Honorary Ambassador for 2016, and will be carrying out TV commercials and various Korean tourism promotional activities.

Lead actor Song Joong-ki from the latest Korean drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ has been appointed to be the Korea Tourism Honorary Ambassador 2016, starring in TV commercials promoting Korean tourism.

Every year, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) produces a variety of captivating Korean tourism TV commercials for overseas promotion. This year, in order to portray a dynamic and sophisticated image, as well as to resonate with the global hallyu fans, KTO had chosen Song Joong-ki, the main lead of latest hit drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ to be the promotional model for Korean tourism. 

The Korean tourism TV commercial will be filmed at the major locations where the drama was filmed, including Taebaek and Jeongseon in Gangwon-do. With a concept of ‘Walk into the Story’, the story delivers a feeling as if one is the main character by stimulating all five senses. Besides TV commercials, print advertisements are will be produced by the end of June, and is planned to be released for broadcast altogether to the overseas media by early July.

Meanwhile, the Korean tourism TV commercials with differentiated concepts every year had attracted countless people’s awareness. In particular, ‘Korea. Your Story’ featuring hallyu star Lee Min-ho, has a hit record of 37 million views during its advertising campaign period, the highest number of views among all the tourism videos in the world.  

Starring Song Joong-ki as the main promotional model, and Honorary Ambassador, he will be playing an active role in promoting Korean tourism worldwide. There are plans to transform the various drama filming locations into tourist attractions and the overseas co-promotion with Song Joong-ki is indubitably expected to unfold positive results.

Source: Korea Tourism Organization

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